Moses parting the Red Sea
Coming Out Of Egypt

"Coming Out Of Egypt"
"Passover Haggadah"

Passover Haggadah
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With millions of eyes centered on one of the most successful selling books of all time, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, the way has been paved for Coming Out Of Egypt. It is not intended to be an antidote to the outcry produced by The Da Vinci Code, but rather a pacifier of truth, a realistic look at Jesus and His disciples, Mary Magdalene, and the early church.

Coming Out Of Egypt gives Gentiles a picture of a very kosher Jewish Messiah while restoring the ancient understandings contained in the Torah. We live in a time when the world is questioning the status quo. Christians are seeking the Jewish understanding to interpret the Word of G-d. They are seeking the truth that has been replaced by the inaccurate teachings of the church.

Coming Out Of Egypt is a historical fiction — two powerful stories woven together into one book! The story of the Exodus is dovetailed with the life of Yeshua (Jesus). In Judaism it is called a Midrash, a story to teach.

The Midrash contained in Coming Out Of Egypt is an Exodus out of idolatry: the idolatry of ancient Egypt and the idolatry that permeates religions of today. The goal of the author is to make the Exodus come alive for readers — they will not just read about the Exodus but experience the Exodus, not just read about the Passover but experience the Passover. The goal is to catapult the reader back through time like a time traveler entering a time portal... to become one with the Hebrew slaves struggling under the heavy Egyptian oppression. To walk with Moses and Aaron, Hur and Miriam as they sacrifice their Passover lambs and place the blood on their door posts and lintels. To observe the first Passover Seder as the angel of death passes over the Children of Israel and they leave Egypt, taking its wealth with them.

The goal of the author is for the reader to become an Egyptian who turns from idolatry and joins the House of Israel to worship the One True G-d: the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Come with us as we leap through time and witness the birth of Yeshua. Recline with Him and His talmidim (disciples) at His last Passover Seder. "Come Up" to the Temple in Jerusalem with the Jewish pilgrims for the Festival of Passover, and participate in the sacrifice of the Passover lambs. Come and stand at the foot of Yeshua's crucifixion, and experience atonement. Stand with Mary Magdalene as she speaks with her risen Lord on the morning of His resurrection. Come and experience the redemption of the Children of Israel from Pharaoh at the Red Sea.

Coming Out Of Egypt is not just reading about redemption... it is experiencing redemption.

Book Excerpt:

Throughout the ages of the church the "Cup of the Holy Grail," the very cup Yeshua drank from at His Last Supper, has been sought after as a mystical and powerful artifact. The Crusaders sought after it, the Nazis sought after it, Indiana Jones and Monty Python searched for it. Of course the literal Holy Grail has long since crumbled into the dust of Israel, but every year at Passover when we hold the cup of wine in our hands and Bless the L-rd, we are, in fact, holding the Holy Grail. It has been here all along in the possession of Yeshua's Jewish family — on every observant Jewish person's table at the Passover Seder. The cups of wine that are present at every Passover, year after year, are full of mystery and power as designed by G-d.